How to celebrate a city...

The controversy around the proposed demolition of the Red Road tower blocks to mark the opening of the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 threw up an interesting question.

How would you celebrate your city? A street party? A treasure hunt? A statue or sculpture? With so many great aspects of life in a city it remains a tricky challenge to find a way to celebrate through one act, event, etc.

For the most part what makes a city great are small things, whether it is the local bakers' morning pastries, the friendly lollipop lady at the end of your street or the summer blossoms on your walk to work. Instead of trying to capture the essence of all of these things then perhaps the best way to celebrate these gems is by sharing each and every one and most importantly the effect they have on the people in the city.

There's tons of ways of doing this and my favourite to date is Creative Dundee's WeDundee Campaign for the Bid for European City of Culture 2015. Check it out for yourself here:

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Be the guy that says Hi

Recently I travelled from Edinburgh to Glasgow on the train and was impressed by an overheard conversation between strangers who bonded over a book cover. For the next 50 minutes two visiting Americans were given the low down on Scotland, literature, the vote for independence by two students who happened to be reading their fellow passengers favourite author.

As the train pulled into Queen Street Station I marvelled how a mundane journey was transformed by the spark of connection. It's good to talk to strangers whether you are visiting a place for the first or umpteenth time. Not only are you likely to get a fresh perspective on your destination but more importantly the journey becomes a destination in itself.

So the next time you are travelling be the guy or girl that says Hi and see where the conversation takes you...

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